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League Eligibility

BAU Softball is played on Friday and Saturday nights (with the exception of Youth softball which is played on Saturday mornings and Wood Bat which is played on Monday Evenings).  Since the BAU is independently operated, players are allowed to play in the BAU in addition to other leagues run by the City of Greensboro without penalty from either league.  There will never be a scheduling conflict between the leagues since the City of Greensboro leagues do not play on Friday or Saturday.

Seasons and Divisions of Play

The BAU operates two major seasons of play each year (Spring and Fall).  In each season several divisions of play are available.  This is done for several purposes including scheduling, field usage and competitiveness.  The number of divisions available each season depends on the number of teams paying an entry fee by the entry fee deadline for the season.  Once the number of divisions is determined teams are placed in divisions based on past performance.  In general, new teams are placed in the least competitive division of play unless the Board of Directors has knowledge of a more appropriate placement for the new team.  All divisions of play abide by the same rules except where noted in the BAU Bylaws.

The BAU also offers a short mid-year Wood Bat league which generally plays in July.

Field Usage

The BAU rents facilities from the City of Greensboro as well as one field from Gate City Baptist Church.  The BAU has little control over what fields are available for use from the City since the City has a number of Spring, Summer and Fall activities to coordinate on each city-owned facility.  Therefore, the BAU can only use the fields which are made available for use by the City.  Since some of the fields are smaller than others, the competitive nature of each particular division drives which fields each division uses.  This sometimes means that members of a particular church will have to play at a field further away from their church due to the competitive history of that team.  However, maintaining a competitive balance must be the paramount concern when placing teams in divisions.

Click here to view a sample divisional breakdown with field usage.

General Division Information

In the Spring, play is divided into three general leagues:  Men, Women and Youth.  In the Fall, play is divided into two general leagues: Men and Co-Recreational. The BAU Bylaws lay out the eligibility requirements and should be read and understood by everyone participating in the BAU.

Adult Men and Women
To be eligible for Adult leagues players must turn 16 years of age or older prior to June 1.

Youth softball is co-recreational and boys and girls play on the same team.  To be eligible for Youth softball players must turn 13 before they can participate in any game.  Players must also not be older than 18 prior to June 1 unless the player is still in his/her senior year of High School.

Adult Co-Recreational
Co-Rec age limits mirror that of Adult men's/women's divisions.  Men may play both Men's and Co-Rec softball in the Fall without penalty but in doing so assume the risk of scheduling conflicts between the leagues.

Adult Wood Bat
Wood Bat age limits mirror that of Adult men's/women's divisions.  All rules are the same between Spring Men's slow-pitch and Wood Bat with the exception that only certified Wood Bats are allowed and there is no "up the middle" rule.


Divisions of Play