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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q : Is the BAU a sanctioned league with the NSA, ASA or USSA?
A : No.  However the BAU uses the NSA rules as the basis for the playing rules and regulations which are included in the Bylaws.  Players and coaches should familiarize themselves with the NSA rulebook and the BAU Bylaws, which contain exceptions to the NSA playing rules.

Q : Is the BAU associated with the City of Greensboro?
A : No.  The BAU rents facilities from the City of Greensboro so the City's rules and regulations must be followed at all times.  The BAU also utilizes umpires that are typically trained and work in City leagues so we try not to vary much from the City's rules to make it easier for the umpires to transition.

Q : Can I play in a City league and still be eligible for the BAU?
A : Absolutely.  Since the BAU is not associated to the City of Greensboro it is legal and acceptable to participate in both leagues.  In general, there will never be a scheduling conflict since the City of Greensboro plays Mon-Thu and the BAU plays on Fri and Sat.

Q : I have heard that the City will disqualify me for a year if I sign two rosters.  Will playing in the BAU disqualify from City play?
A : No.  Both the City and the BAU have regulations restricting each player to signing only one roster.  However, these rules apply to each organization separately.  Since the BAU and the City of Greensboro are not associated neither league will penalize you for signing more than one roster as long as you only sign one roster in each league.

Note:  The City of Greensboro does sponsor a "church division" which plays on Friday nights.  This division is run by the City of Greensboro and is not associated to the BAU.  As such, you may not be able to play in the City's church division if you are already playing in another City of Greensboro division on another team that plays Mon-Thu.  But, as long as you can manage the scheduling conflicts, you are free to play in the City's church division and the BAU.

Q : What kinds of bats are legal in the BAU
A : As of Spring, 2014 the BAU has adopted a "single wall, non-composite" bat standard.  We will be using the ASA approved bat list as a basis.  We will also be compression testing and approving bats by applying a serial number sticker to the approved bat.

Q : What kinds of softballs are legal in the BAU?
A : The BAU uses a ball with a COR rating of .44.  The BAU allows only ASA certified balls with 375lbs compression that bear the BAU stamp.  These balls are sold by the BAU to the teams at cost.  NO OTHER BALL IS LEGAL.  This means that NSA, USSSA, un-stamped or un-readable balls are deemed illegal and will not be allowed in BAU play.

The Men's and Youth leagues use 12" balls.  The Women's league uses 11" balls.  All rules regarding the compression and COR ratings apply to both sizes of ball.

Q : Can players that don't attend my church play on my team if they are members of another church?
A : Yes.  The BAU has provisions for this instance.  The non-attending participants MUST complete a Supplementing Member form and get the Pastor of his/her church to sign the form.  The form must also be signed by the Pastor of the sponsoring church.  Finally, the Supplementing Member form must be turned in along with the completed roster.  This method ensures that 1) The supplementing player is being certified by his/her church as a member in good standing by the pastor; 2) The supplementing player and the player's church are being accepted by the sponsoring pastor as "like faith" and acceptable to represent the sponsoring church.

Q : What is the "80/20" rule?  I see some teams that seem to be made up of a lot of different churches.
A : The BAU makes every attempt to include as many Christians as possible in its softball program.  However, the BAU realizes that not all churches have enough player to make up a team.  So, the BAU allows for churches to "partner" with other churches to field a team or simply "adopt" players from smaller churches.  One of the churches involved must sponsor the team and have a Pastor's signature.

The BAU also allows for a certain amount of outreach activity.  To that extent the Bylaws prescribe an 80% to 20% ratio of church members to non-church members.  Players that are members of the sponsoring church OR who have completed a legitimate Supplementing Membership form count towards the 80%.  Players who have no church membership or who are not Christians or who belong to churches that the Sponsoring church's Pastor is unwilling to certify as "like faith" count towards the 20%.  This means that "adopted" players from another supplementing "like faith" church count towards the 80%.

Q : It is difficult to get shirts ordered on time.  Is there a "grace period" at the start of the season?
A : Yes.  There will be SOME latitude during the first TWO weeks of each season to allow coaches to get shirts ordered.  After that players without conforming uniforms will be ineligible for play.

Q : My church is located right next to one of the fields we use.  Why can't we be placed in a division that plays at that field so our members won't have to travel so far?
A : The BAU rents facilities from the City of Greensboro as well as one field from Gate City Baptist Church.  The BAU has little control over what fields are available for use from the City since the City has a number of Spring, Summer and Fall activities to coordinate on each city-owned facility.  Therefore, the BAU can only use the fields which are made available for use by the City.  Since some of the fields are smaller than others, the competitive nature of each particular division drives which fields each division uses.  This sometimes means that members of a particular church will have to play at a field farther away from their church due to the competitive history of that team.  However, maintaining a competitive balance must the the paramount concern when placing teams in divisions.


Frequently Asked Questions